New features are the following:

  • added features for collaborating on experiments: ~ - sharing of slices, so another experimenter can open the same slice in jFed - editing of ssh keys on nodes (typically for adding extra users - recover experiments which were initiated on a different pc

  • renewal of duration of the experiment is possible so you can extend existing experiments
  • reboot of nodes in your experiment
  • new connectivity and layer 2 stitching options to testbeds which support it
  • new timeline view to execute commands instantly on multiple nodes or to execute commands based on a timeline (e.g. with barriers to wait for previous commands to finish) -> this typically can be used to bootstrap multi-testbed configurations. See screenshot below
  • saving of the manifest (node information) in CSV format or in the manifest xml
  • better GUI layout of topology - RSpec - timeline view
  • better error feedback

Besides the new features, more than 100 bug and feature tickets were closed.