jFed makes it possible to learn the testbed federation architecture, workflows and APIs, and makes it also easy to develop java based client tools for testbed federation.

The suite is built around the low level library, which implements the client side for all the supported APIs; and a high level library, which manages and keeps track of the lifecycle of an experiment. On top of these libraries various components were developed to allow thorough examination and testing of these APIs, as well as an user-friendly graphical Experimenter GUI to allow end-users to use the testbeds.

The most important components are:

  • jFed Experimenter GUI allows end-users to provision and manage experiments. Click here for a quick overview movie.
  • jFed Probe assists testbed developers in testing their API implementations
  • jFed Automated tester performs extensive full-automated tests of the testbed APIs, in which the complete workflow of an experiment is followed. This tool is used as part of the Fed4FIRE testbed monitor.

Of each component, both a graphical and command-line (CLI) version is available.

jFed Architecture Overview

For a more detailed overview of the features we refer to the documentation.

Supported APIs

Currently, jFed supports the following APIs:

There are a number of software project related to jFed:

  • FedMon The Federation Monitor website, which uses jFed library internally. You can see it in action at fedmon.fed4fire.eu

For more information about these projects, please contact us.