Step 1: Install dependencies (SSH client and Java)

To be able to login onto testbed resources via SSH on Windows, a full installation of PuTTY is required (including putty, pageant and plink). This can be easily done by using the Windows MSI Installer. On Mac and Linux, jFed will use the native SSH-client.

On Linux, a recent version of Java 12 is required. We recommend you follow these instructions.
For Windows and Mac, a Java-installation is included in jFed.

Step 2: Install jFed

Go to the downloads-page, and download the jFed installer for your operating system.

We provide installers for Windows, OS X, and Linux (.DEB and .RPM). During the installation, you can choose which components to install.

Step 3: Start jFed

You can now start jFed on your computer.

Step 4: Consult the documentation

We recommend that you read through the following documentation: