New features are the following:

  • image creation on testbeds which support image creation through the AM API with an extension (right click on a node when it is ready), this currently works on Virtual Wall 1, 2 and w-iLab.t
  • reboot of single nodes on testbeds which support it (right click on a node when it is ready)
  • when there is no location information in the RSpec, the manifest topology view will automagically orden things (e.g. when you recover an experiment that was created with another tool)
  • better error feedback to the user (special ‘error’ tab where we return e.g. errors regarding stitching)
  • search and replace in the RSpec editor also works for bigger RSpecs (remains visible when scrolling)
  • we do not fail on unbound RSpecs
  • we can open all files as RSpecs now (not only .rspec)
  • refresh button in the slice recovery window
  • button to open documentation

And a lot more bug and stability fixes also.