This page contains old versions of jFed. These versions are not supported anymore, and have known issues with Java 8 Update 101 and above, but are provided for your convenience.

You can launch the stand-alone jars by by double clicking, or from a command prompt with java -jar <filename>.jar

Version 5.5

Download stand-alone jars

jFed Experimenter GUI v5.5.0 with java8u60+ fix

jFed Experimenter GUI v5.5.0 without fix (not recommended)

jFed Probe GUI v5.5.0

jFed Automated testing GUI v5.5.0

jFed CLI tools v5.5.0

Version 5.4

Download stand-alone jars

jFed Experimenter GUI v5.4.0

jFed Probe GUI v5.4.0

jFed Automated testing GUI v5.4.0

jFed CLI tools v5.4.0

Version 5.3

This is the last version that has support for Java 7.

Download stand-along jars

jFed Experimenter GUI v5.3.2

jFed Probe GUI v5.3.2

jFed Automated testing GUI v5.3.2

jFed CLI tools v5.3.2